What is the Difference Between a Bed and Breakfast and a Hotel

June 14, 2021
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Bed and breakfasts, otherwise known as B&B’s, are a hybrid between a luxury hotel and a private home, providing the best of both worlds.

You’ve heard of a bed and breakfast, but what makes the experience different and unique?  Bed and breakfast properties differ from other places like hotels or the average sized house. Bed and breakfasts, otherwise known as B&B’s, are a hybrid between a luxury hotel and a private home, providing the best of both worlds!


 A B&B is generally a small to medium sized establishment with four to 10 guest rooms, instead of 50 to 100 or more found in hotels. The owners can choose to live on or off the site, depending on what they choose to do with the property. 


 If the owners are running a B&B that houses guests, many choose to live on-site to make sure their clients are content with their stay and make sure all things are running smoothly. They also tend to interact with their travelers more as if they are invited guests, instead of temporary room numbers.


The most obvious amenity is breakfast! Most B&B’s offer top-notch, home-cooked, freshly-made breakfasts, cooked by chefs that are on site ready to accommodate any dining needs or wants of the clientele. The variety of food items change from day to day, and can complete the vibe the owners want to portray for their specialized B&B. Another way B&B’s can differ from other stay in sites is offering different dietary needs and wants for customers. If you are vegetarian or maybe have a peanut allergy, let the owner or owners know before arrival and many times meals can be designed specifically to the customer’s needs. This is one of the defining characteristics that separates B&B’s from hotels. B&B’s also provide extra care and attention to their clients, since the experience is specialized for their customers. In order to create an atmosphere that is different from other stay-in sites, B&B’s are known to add more deluxe, detailed touches to their guest rooms. 


Some examples of these specialized amenities are; placing chocolates on pillows, warmed towels for the pool or shower, wifi and Cable TV, baskets of bath and beauty products set out in the bathroom or by the jacuzzi tub and so much more. This is where many B&B owners get creative so they can implement small gestures that can make their guests feel special and cared for. 


Many B&B’s offer different locations, ultimately depending on what environment suits the customer the best. Some B&B’s are located more in rural, calm, quiet small towns where it can overlook hills, mountains, plains, and woodland areas. Different styles of B&B’s can be located near more urban areas, closer to the city and to more tourist attractions. Either way, there are many B&B’s that offer the ambience customers are specifically looking for throughout their stay. 


Oftentimes, many B&B owners open their establishments in a location in which they live or an area they are very knowledgeable about. If travelers have any questions about where to eat, what fun things there are to do, or where the gas station is located, the innkeeper should be able to lead you in the right direction.

While in the past many B&B’s didn’t offer any food besides breakfast, several are now offering vending machines, small snacks, as well as wine and cheese tastings. This is perfect for when returning from a long day of activities, or waking up for a late night snack. With outdoor pools, patios and even jacuzzi tubs becoming more common, it’s a must for B&B owners to serve adult beverages. It is starting to become more common for B&B’s to have bars or readily available cocktails for guests. If you are unsure about this amenity, feel free to call or ask your innkeeper. 

 Bed and Breakfasts offer more specialized care for their guests by creating a unique environment, offering more than hotels or other stay in locations, pampering their guests, offering excellent and fresh food, and creating an ambience that suits anyone’s desires. If you’re looking to invest in a bed and breakfast, or sell your current business, visit www.UnitedCountry.com where you’ll find available bed and breakfasts for sale as well as other investment properties and businesses for sale.